[Free] Winter Multiplying Fractions Pixel Art

Two levels of self-grading word problems in Google Sheets!

Make fractions review and practice a blast with this self-grading digital Pixel Art activity! Includes two Pixel Art Google Sheets activities with 24 word problems total to practice multiplying fractions by whole numbers and other fractions. Each correct answer unlocks part of a winter-themed mystery picture, perfect for Christmas and New Year's. It's great as sub plan, review lesson, or independent practice.

What's included?

✅ Pixel Art Activity #1: Multiplying fractions by whole numbers (12 word problems)

✅ Pixel Art Activity #2: Multiplying fractions by fractions (12 word problems)

✅ Answer key

✅ Student workspace worksheet (optional)

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Multiplying Fractions Pixel Art

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