[Free] Pi Day Area and Circumference of Circles

Three levels of Pi Day fun with Doodle Math, a fresh twist on color by number.

Make area and circumference of circles & composite figures review and practice a blast with this FREE Doodle Math activity! Includes three levels (24 problems). Each correct answer unlocks part of a doodle pattern and color for student to fill in designated sections of an image. It's the perfect activity for Pi day or any time of the year. It's great as sub plan, review lesson, or independent practice.

What's included?

✅ Level 1: Circumference of Circles (8 problems)

✅ Level 2: Area of Circles (8 problems)

✅ Level 3: Area of Composite Figures (8 problems)

✅ Answer key

✅ Student workspace worksheet (optional)

Get it today!

Pi Day Area and Circumference of Circles Doodle Math

Pi Day Area and Circumference of Circles Doodle Math

Get this FREE art-meets-math activity today! It's entirely print-and-go, and students find it to be incredibly fun.

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