Volume of Rectangular and Triangular Prisms Activity


Looking for a fun and collaborative way to practice calculating the volume of rectangular and triangular prisms? You've found it.

Why you'll love this

Domino Effect is a collaborative game where groups of 3 - 4 students work together to find the solution to the current problem — which reveals the next problem. Students solve 16 problems per game. If the solution to the last problem matches the answer on the starting card, the team has correctly completed the activity!

What math skills does it practice?

  • Finding volume of rectangular and triangular prisms given whole number dimensions (example: Given the box has dimensions of 4 by 4 by 7, what is the volume?)

  • Finding volume of rectangular and triangular prisms given decimal dimensions (example: Given a triangular prism with dimensions of 2.2 by 3 by 4, what is the volume?)

  • Find a missing dimension when given the volume and two other dimension of the prism (example: The rectangular safe has a volume of 936 cubic units. Given the length and width of the safe are 8 units and 9 units, what is the height of the safe?)

How do I set it up?

Print out one copy of our PDF per group (3 - 4 students), and then:

  1. Cut out and shuffle the 16 task cards

  2. Cut out & tape the game board together

  3. Place the starting card & play!

What's included?

There's 8 pages included:

  • 1 teacher instructions page

  • 1 task card page (with 16 task cards)

  • 4 game board pages

  • 2 answer key pages

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