November 22nd, 2022

My 6 Favorite 5th Grade Math Activities for Winter and Christmas

Here's ways to review around the holidays and new year.

As the year winds down and the winter holidays approach, it can be tricky to keep students engaged with review. They’re excited for vacation, seeing family, and taking a break for the year. My favorite activities during this time of year incorporate the exciting upcoming holidays into the classroom.

Here are six of my favorites that are perfect for your 5th grade math classroom.


Wondering how to review geometry with 5th graders around the holidays?

One of my favorite review tools in the classroom is Google Sheets Pixel Art. Students solve a series of problems, and get instant feedback as they go — each correct answer unlocks part of a mystery picture.

And better yet, I’ve developed a set of winter-themed Pixel Art activities perfect for the holidays as well as the new year.

[Christmas] Area and Perimeter Rectangles, Triangles and Composite
[Christmas] Area and Perimeter Pixel Art BUNDLE

Expressions & Equations

Wondering how to review expressions & equations with 5th graders around the holidays?

Another great review activity for the winter holidays is Doodle Math. Like Pixel Art, it has an artistic element, but is in print format. Students solve a series of problems, with each correct answer unlocking a series of doodle patterns that they can draw onto a template image.

It’s like color-by-number or color-by-code, but with a bit more creative freedom to pick the colors that they use for the patterns.

[Christmas] Order of Operations
[Thanksgiving] Two Step Equations

There’s also a version of the order of operations activity that includes 1 set of problems and 5 template pictures for different holidays, for year-round use:

[Thanksgiving Christmas] Order of Operations BUNDLE


Wondering how to review decimals with 5th graders around the holidays?

Decimals are a topic that we review year-round. And for that reason I’ve produced a special Doodle Math 6-Holiday Pack for decimal operations. It contains 6 decimal operations problem sets together with 6 template images for different holidays (e.g. Hannukkah, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day).

It’s a great way to save money:

Decimal Operations (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)

Stay Tuned

These are just the beginning. I’m continuing to produce more winter activities. Don’t miss them by signing up for my mailing list — you’ll receive sample activities right away and tips for using them too!

Happy holidays!

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