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8th Grade Math Full-Year Guided Notes BUNDLE CCSS Sketch Notes with Doodles

8th Grade Math Full-Year Guided Notes BUNDLE CCSS Sketch Notes with Doodles

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In 8th grade math, students dive deeper into algebraic concepts, working extensively with linear equations and functions. They explore more advanced geometry, including transformations and the Pythagorean theorem. Students also delve into systems of equations, scientific notation, and exponents. Statistical analysis becomes more sophisticated, introducing bivariate data and patterns of association.

Make math exciting with our curriculum, unit & lesson plans covering nearly every 8th grade CCSS standard. (Data and statistics unit coming soon!)

In each lesson, students master these topics through interactive guided notes and engaging activities like graphing challenges and function-based puzzles. Practice is reinforced with creative worksheets, including real-world modeling exercises. Every lesson concludes with a practical application, demonstrating how 8th grade math concepts are used in various careers and everyday situations.

If you're looking to make 8th grade math more engaging — while fully preparing students for high school mathematics — this Common Core-aligned curriculum plan is designed for you.


8th Grade Math Full-Year Guided Notes BUNDLE CCSS Sketch Notes with Doodles

8th Grade Math Full-Year Guided Notes BUNDLE CCSS Sketch Notes with Doodles


Students practice every 8th grade Common Core math standard including real numbers, scientific notation and laws of exponents, linear equations and system of equations, functions, transformations, pythagorean theorem, angles, and volume of cylinders, spheres, cones with this 8th Grade Math Guided Notes & Practice Bundle. Each of the guided notes product contains guided notes, a color by number or doodle math activity, a maze, and a real-life math application. It works well as graphic organizers, scaffolded notes, and interactive notebooks. And it's artsy—if your students love color by number, color by code, or sketch notes, they'll love these guided notes lessons.

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Unit 1

Real Numbers

Students learn to convert repeating decimals to fractions, convert between fractions, decimals, and percents, understand perfect squares and square roots, work with cube roots, classify rational and irrational numbers, and approximate square roots and locate irrational numbers on the number line.

Unit 2

Scientific Notation & Laws of Exponents

Students learn how to convert numbers between scientific notation and standard form, perform operations with numbers in scientific notation, and apply laws of exponents including negative exponents, zero exponents, and exponent rules for products and quotients.

Unit 3

Linear Equations & Systems of Equations

Students will learn to simplify expressions, solve equations with rational numbers, and solve systems of linear equations using various methods.

Unit 4


Students will learn to identify, evaluate, and compare functions using various representations, calculate slope from coordinate planes, interpret proportional relationships through graphs and equations, and distinguish between linear and nonlinear functions.

Unit 5


Students learn about transformations including translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations with a focus on graphing figures, writing rules, and applying these transformations on coordinate planes.

Unit 6

Pythagorean Theorem, Angles & Volume

Students explore the Pythagorean Theorem, angles within triangles, exterior angles, parallel lines and transversals, and the volumes of cylinders, cones, and spheres, using coordinate systems and geometric formulas.


8th Grade Math Full-Year Digital Pixel Art BUNDLE | Google Sheets | Sub Plans

8th Grade Math Full-Year Digital Pixel Art BUNDLE | Google Sheets | Sub Plans


Students practice every 8th grade Common Core math standard including Real Numbers, Scientific Notation and Laws of Exponents, Linear Equations and System of Equations, Functions, Transformations, Pythagorean Theorem, Angles and Volume with this Eighth Grade Math Digital Pixel Art Bundle. Contains 33 products with 73-pixel art Google Sheets thoughtfully grouped into a full-year, 6-unit CCSS-aligned curriculum for your 8th graders. The bonus file folder contains a unit guide specifying the common core standards and the pixel art activities that map onto each unit.

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