Percents & Money Real-Life Math Project | Coupons, Financial Literacy


This is a print-and-go, SUPER FUN, EASEL-compatible real world math project for practicing percentages. It enables students to learn how to use math to save money! You can assign it as individual homework or as a sub activity. We've also included discussion questions as well, so that it's fun to assign in groups!

Why you'll love this

Students are introduced to a series of different objects that Jason wants to purchase -- from bean bags to tables, and get to help Jason figure out how to save money! Students are offered coupons for 10% and $10 off, and apply percentages to figure out which coupon would save Jason more money. The discussion questions push students to discuss patterns, and think more deeply about how this corresponds to.

What's included?

  • 4 worksheet pages

  • 1 discussion question page

  • 5 answer key pages

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