Box and Whisker Plots Guided Notes w/ Doodles | Data & Statistics | Sketch Notes


Introduce the box and whisker plot, or box plot, with this 14-page self-contained lesson packet! It includes guided notes with doodles, a color by number activity, an in-class practice problems sheet, a maze, and real-life applications. It works well as a formal lesson, graphic organizer, scaffolded notes, or interactive notebooks. This item is part of the Ultimate Box & Whisker Plot Bundle (print + digital).

Why you'll love this

What’s included… (14 pages total)

⭐ Guided Notes (4 pages): how to construct and interpret box plots

  • What a box and whisker plot is

  • How to construct a box plot from a data set

  • How to interpret a box plot (range, interquartile range, percentile, etc.)

⭐ Maze (1 page)

⭐Doodle Math, a Twist on Color-by-Number (1 page)

⭐ Real-Life Application (1 page)

⭐ Answer Key (7 pages)

Students learn through visual notes and practice problems, mazes, and doodle math (similar to a color-by-number activity), and then read about a real-life example of how box plots can be used (i.e., to compare house prices in different neighborhoods).

It’s a print-and-go and artsy packet, and if your students love color-by-number, color-by-code, or sketch notes, they’ll love this 4-in-1 Doodle Notes & Practice lesson.

Standards covered…

  • 6.SP.B.4 Display numerical data in plots on a number line, including dot plots, histograms, and box plots.

  • 6.SP.B.5c Giving quantitative measures of center (median and/or mean) and variability (interquartile range and/or mean absolute deviation), as well as describing any overall pattern and any striking deviations from the overall pattern with reference to the context in which the data were gathered.

So why is this product called Magic Lesson: 4-in-1?

It contains all 4 elements you need to teach, practice, review, and apply the math concepts.

  1. Guided Notes (teach)

  2. In-Class Practice problems built-in (practice)

  3. Review (color-by-number or doodle math and/or maze)

  4. Real-Life Connection (application)

This packet is great for introductory lessons, graphic organizers, scaffolded notes, interactive notebooks, review lessons, class discussions, extra practice, and homework.

Reviews for my other products…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karen S. – “Just a good fun activity during the holidays for practicing skills! Great product!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Christine M. – “I put this out as an extra credit assignment for my 8th graders at the end of the square and cube roots unit. The students who chose to do it seemed to enjoy the 'doodle' part because it was different than a typical color-by-number task. Thank you!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carly S. – “My students really loved this and it worked really well in my classroom!”

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