Distance on the Coordinate Plane Absolute Value Digital Pixel Art Google Sheets


Engage your students with these self-checking Pixel Art activities to find the vertical or horizontal distance between two points using coordinate planes and the absolute value of two ordered pairs (some pairs are in the same quadrants, some pairs are in different quadrants). All questions include pairs of points that have the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate.

Why you'll love this

This product covers the 6th grade Common Core Math standard:

6.NS.C.8 - solve real-world and mathematical problems by graphing points in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. It includes the use of coordinates and absolute value to find distances between points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate.

It includes two levels of difficulty (two separate Pixel Art Google Sheets): Level 1 includes finding distance through coordinate plane graphs, and Level 2, for finding distance of two ordered pairs through calculating absolute values.

Each activity is a self-checking Google Sheet, themed after winter and Christmas. The image is versatile, so it can really be used at any time in the school year. Students practice a series of problems, and get immediate feedback as they go - correct answers turn green and incorrect answers stay red. As students type in correct answers, a mystery picture appears. The Google Sheets are all self-checking and digital, so they can easily be assigned through Google Classroom or any other online learning platform.

A printable PDF version of the questions has been added, so students can solve the problems and show their work on paper prior to entering the answers on the Pixel Art Google Sheets (this part of the activity is optional; some teachers may choose to use the Pixel Art Google Sheet directly without this PDF).

No prep is required. This is great for virtual or in-person learning!

What’s included?

There's 2 pixel art Google Sheets, with 27 problems total, along with an answer key and directions for reference. Feel free to view the preview file to see make sure that this activity is appropriate for your students!

  • Google Sheet #1: 9 problems find distance between two points (coordinate planes)

  • Google Sheet #2: 18 problems find distance between two points (ordered pairs and absolute values)

  • *Optional* PDF of Question Sheets (students can show work on paper prior to typing on pixel art)

  • PDF answer key

You can assign the Google Sheets separately or both at once depending on your preferences and skills that your students are working on.

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