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Coordinate Plane Digital & Print Pixel Art BUNDLE

This Coordinate Plane Bundle contains 2 digital products (made up of 4 pixel art Google Sheets) and 1 print product (Math Mission Zombie Project PDF) as students practice identifying and graphing the ordered pairs and quadrants of points on the coordinate plane, and determine the vertical or horizontal distance between two points (for all distance questions, the pair of points will share the same first coordinate or second coordinate).

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Why you'll love this

This bundle is great as sub plan, review lesson, or independent practice! For the 4 pixel art activities, two images are themed after winter and Christmas, while the other two are versatile for any time of the year!

This bundle covers the 6th grade Common Core Math standard:

6.NS.C.8 - solve real-world and mathematical problems by graphing points in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. It includes the use of coordinates and absolute value to find distances between points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate.

What’s included?

There's 2 digital products (4 pixel art Google Sheets) + 1 print product (PDF/EASEL Zombie Math Project), along with answer key for reference and planning.

**Please feel free to click on each individual product to view details and preview to ensure it is appropriate for your students!

Product #1 (DIGITAL Google Sheets) : Graphing, Quadrants, and Distance on Coordinate Plane (2 pixel art, 36 problems)

  • Pixel Art #1: Ordered Pairs and Quadrants of Points on Coordinate Planes

  • Pixel Art #2: Distance between Two Points (Graphs & Absolute Value)

  • *Optional* PDF of Question Sheets (for Students to Show Work)

  • Answer Key

Product #2 (DIGITAL Google Sheets) : Distance Between Two Points on Coordinate Plane (2 pixel art, 27 problems)

  • Pixel Art 3: Distance Between Two Points (Coordinate Planes)

  • Pixel Art 4: Distance Between Two Points (Ordered Pairs & Absolute Values)

  • *Optional* PDF of Question Sheets (for students to show work)

  • Answer Key

Each pixel art activity is a self-checking Google Sheet. Students practice a series of problems, and get immediate feedback as they go. Correct answers turn green and incorrect answers stay red. As students type in correct answers, a mystery picture appears. The Google Sheets are all self checking & digital, so it can easily be assigned through Google Classroom or any online learning platform.

Product #3: (PRINT PDF & EASEL ): Zombie Outbreak Coordinate Graphing & Distance — Math Project

This is a print-and-go, EASEL-compatible activity. Students must help the CDC stop an outbreak by plotting outbreak locations, analyzing where to place a laboratory and hospital, and computing the distance between infected individuals.

  1. Task 1: Plotting points on coordinate plane

  2. Task 2: Identifying which points falls into which quadrants

  3. Task 3: Determining the vertical or horizontal distance between points by counting units on the graph.

The Zombie Outbreak Math Mission tasks include 9 pages:

  • 1 mission objective card

  • 1 data sheet

  • 3 task pages

  • 1 mission completion card

  • 3 answer key pages

Your purchase includes two formats of the same activity:

  • Print PDF. Print and manually grade.

  • EASEL. Assign online and manually grade.

Great for…

⭐ Review Lessons

⭐ Emergency Sub Plans

⭐ Homeschool Activities

⭐ Homework & Independent Practice

⭐ Learning Centers & After School Math Programs

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