Doodle Math

Doodle Math 6th - 8th Grade BUNDLE

You've just found your next sub plan. Or review unit. Or zero prep practice worksheets. For all of your middle school math students. If your students liked color by number or color by code activities, they'll LOVE doodle math!

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What's included?

This is a bundle of 38 print-and-go activities for grades 6 - 8 (381 pages total!). There's also a BONUS PDF-only edition of Hotel Math, where students practice math by being a hotel manager.


  1. One Step Equations

  2. One Step Inequalities

  3. Mean, Median, Mode

  4. Adding and Subtracting Decimals

  5. Multiply Decimals

  6. Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

  7. Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

  8. Simplify Expressions

  9. Percent: Tips, Sale Price, Discount with Double Number Line

  10. Simple Interest

  11. Equivalent Fractions

  12. Positive and Negative Integers: Opposites, Absolute Value + more

  13. Statistics: Probability of Simple and Compound Events

  14. Finding Slope: Ordered Pairs, Tables, Graphs

  15. Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal and Triangle Sum Theorem

  16. Perfect Squares and Square Roots

  17. Write and Interpret Numerical Expressions

  18. Scientific Notation and Standard Form

  19. Laws of Exponent - Product and Quotient Rule


  1. Halloween: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

  2. Halloween/Fall: Adding and Subtracting Integers Using Models (Counters and Number Lines)

  3. Halloween: Multi-Step Equations

  4. Thanksgiving:Greatest Common Factor (GCF) & Least Common Multiple (LCM) Word Problems

  5. Christmas: Properties of Exponents: Power of Power, Negative, Zero Exponents Rules

  6. Valentine's Day: Area and Perimeter (Rectangles, Parallelograms + more!)

  7. Pi Day: Volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres

  8. Pi Day: Area and Circumference of Circles and Composite Figures

  9. St. Patrick's Day: Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators

  10. St. Patrick's Day: Area and Circumference of Circles

  11. St. Patrick's Day: Volume of Rectangular Prisms + Triangular Prisms

  12. Easter: Rates and Ratios Table and Word Problems

  13. Earth Day: Two Step Equations

  14. Mother's Day: Independent and Dependent Probability Worksheets

Holiday Pack

- New format of Doodle Math that contains 1 problem set, 5 holiday images: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day

1. Two Step Equations

2. Order of Operations

Free Activities (Included for Convenience)

  1. Combining Like Terms

  2. Percent Puzzles: Benchmark & Word Problems

How does it work?

Every Doodle Math activity is a print-and-go time-saver:

  1. Print out the worksheet. It has a series of math problems to solve, and space for students to show their work.

  2. Students solve the problems. Each answer unlocks a pattern, which students can doodle onto a template image.

  3. Turn math into a masterpiece. The completed image will match the answer key once all of their answers are correct – and it's easy to spot-check from a distance.

The completed image will look best when students use markers in their choice of colors but can be completed with pencil or pen in a pinch!

There’s a variety of uses – from a timesaver on a stressful day, to a print-and-go emergency sub plan. Other usages include independent practice, sub plans, test prep, skills review, morning work, quick checks, homework, exit tickets, and choice activity.

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Teachers 💕 our activities.


This was a great resource for me to leave with a sub as practice for the unit we were finishing.

Heather Hatcher

Pixel Art: [Fall Autumn] Ratios and Unit Rates BUNDLE


My students worked on this as a review with a sub one day while I was out. Everyone was engaged and enjoyed the activity. Thank you!!

Rachel Garay

Pixel Art: Area and Circumference of Circles Composite Figures


My students loved this and the timing was perfect!


Doodle Math: Classifying Quadrilaterals


My kids loved being able to combine their love of art with our current math skill. It was challenging and fun at the same time.

Megan F.

Doodle Math: Classifying Quadrilaterals


I loved the different levels. I used it as Level 1 = C, Level 2 = B, Level 3 = A. I also liked a different way to doodle.

Renae B.

Doodle Math: Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal


My students loved this resource!

Marie H.

Doodle Math: Classifying Quadrilaterals


My student really enjoyed this activity! Thank you!

Rachel G.

Doodle Math: Percents with Double Number Line


Students LOVED this. I used this for extra credit and the kids loved being able to make their mine craft character their own. It was so cool to see their character come to life and their happiness over how great it looked. SA and V worksheets were helpful too for review.

Sarah Hall's Shop

Math Missions: Surface Area and Volume of 3D Shape Nets


Used for a sub plan as a review for my students. They enjoyed this activity.

Sue M.

Doodle Math: Combining Like Terms


Great resource and activity!

Micaela F.

Doodle Math: Combining Like Terms


Used as a choice activity for students! They lived this activity!!

Heather R.

Math Missions: Surface Area and Volume of 3D Shape Nets


Super cute resource. My Year 9's really enjoyed this worksheet.

Order Of Ops

Doodle Math: Simple Interest Percent Application


Easy to use, great resource.

Jessica P.

Math Missions: Arcade Math: Plotting & Reading Graphs


Excellent resource my students and I enjoyed it.

Marna M.

Pixel Art: Multiply and Divide Integers


Loved it

Pamela J.

Math Missions: 10% vs. $10 Off: Percents, Sale Price, Discounts


This made a great check for understanding and allowed my students to enjoy a "project" where they could work in teams.

Dana H.

Codebreaker: One Step Equations


The students loved getting creative with this resource!

Kristin C.

Doodle Math: Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers


Love it!

Yire M.

Doodle Math: [Thanksgiving] Multiplying Decimals


My students absolutely love these pixel art projects. I love that they are self checking making it easier for grading!

Melissa F.

Doodle Math: Rational Numbers BUNDLE


Great resource to use on sub day or as a quick check in class. Love

Ginger Wilson

Pixel Art: [Fall Thanksgiving] Multi Step Equations


My class is a review of all kinds of math, so this resource was a fun way for students to review. They also enjoy coloring!

Stephanie W.

Doodle Math: [Fall] Multi Step Equations 3 Levels


Great resource! My students loved it and it was just what I needed.

Abbey Abloom

Pixel Art: One Step Equations with Positive Numbers

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