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Looking for a fun and engaging way to help your 6th graders practice 6th grade CCSS aligned math skills? This Doodle & Color by Number Bundle has got you covered! With 33 print-and-go activities totaling 339 pages, your students will practice problems with integers, fractions, decimals, and geometry while having a blast doodling ad coloring. Plus, these worksheets are perfect for every occasion, from emergency sub plans to seasonal activities, ensuring that your classroom stays vibrant and interactive all year round. Includes multiple levels for differentiation.

Why you'll love this

Students practice a wide variety of 6th grade math skills such as integers, factors, multiples, decimals, percents, ratios, expressions, equations, data, statistics and geometry in this 6th Grade Math Doodle & Color by Number Bundle. Contains 33 print-and-go activities with 339 pages total—with images you can use year-round, along with themed activities for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These zero prep printable worksheets are great for emergency sub plans, math centers, independent practice, review, math lesson, homework, and bulletin board decorations.

It's a fresh twist on color by number or color by code. Each correct answer unlocks a doodle pattern students can use to complete a mystery image with the colors of their choice. They keep students engaged, free up your time for differentiation, and look great as classroom decorations.

CCSS Standards: 6.NS.B.2, 6.NS.B.3, 6.NS.B.4, 6.NS.C.5, 6.NS.C.6, 6.NS.C.6a, 6.NS.C.7, 6.NS.C.7c, 6.NS.C.7d, 6.RP.A.1, 6.RP.A.2, 6.RP.A.3a, 6.RP.A.3c, 6.EE.A.1, 6.EE.A.2, 6.EE.A.4, 6.EE.A.5, 6.EE.A.7, 6.EE.A.8, 6.SP.A.3, 6.SP.B.4, 6.SP.B.5, 6.SP.B.5c, 6.SP.B.5d, 6.G.A.1, 6.G.A.2, 6.G.A.4

What students will practice:


  1. Comparing and ordering integers, evaluating absolute value, and finding opposites - 8 pages

  2. Adding and subtracting integers with visual models, including counters/chip models and number lines - 17 pages

Factors and Multiples:

  1. Finding prime factorization using factor trees only - 8 pages

  2. Finding prime factorization using factor trees and exponents - 12 pages

  3. Finding greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM) - 8 pages


  1. Adding and subtracting decimals with horizontal setup only - 8 pages

  2. Adding and subtracting decimals with horizontal and vertical setup - 12 pages

  3. Multiplying decimals with calculations and word problems - 16 pages

  4. Dividing decimals by whole numbers and decimals using decimal long division - 23 pages

  5. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals, both calculations and word problems - 39 pages


  1. Solving word problems with benchmark percents (e.g 5%, 10%, 35%) - 6 pages (free activity included for convenience)

  2. Calculating benchmark percents, and solving word problems with percents (e.g. sales price, statistics) - 12 pages (free activity included for convenience)

  3. Solving real world percents problems (e.g. discounts, sales price, tips) - 9 pages

Rates & Ratios:

  1. Solving equivalent ratio table and word problems - 12 pages

Expressions & Equations:

  1. Evaluating numerical expressions by applying the order of operations - 16 pages

  2. Simplifying expressions by combining like terms - 6 pages (free activity included for convenience)

  3. Simplifying expressions by combining like terms and applying the distributive property - 18 pages

  4. Solving one step equations with whole numbers and decimals - 9 pages

  5. Solving one step inequalities with positive and negative integers - 12 pages

Data & Statistics:

  1. Finding mean, median, mode, and range as measures of center - 8 pages

  2. Constructing and interpreting box and whisker plots - 8 pages

  3. Constructing and interpreting dot pots, histograms, and stem and leaf plots - 8 pages

  4. Using the measures of variability range, interquartile range, 1st quartile, and 3rd quartile to understand data - 8 pages

  5. Using mean absolute deviation to interpret data - 8 pages


  1. Finding area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, and composite figures - 8 pages

  2. Finding area and perimeter of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, and composite figures - 10 pages

  3. Finding surface area of right rectangular prisms - 6 pages

  4. Finding volume of right rectangular prisms - 6 pages

  5. Finding volume of rectangular and triangular prisms - 18 pages

What's included:

  1. Problem sets. Worksheet that students use to solve math problems before doodling into the image sheet.

  2. Image sheets. Students fill in the designated sections for doodling.

  3. Answer keys. Included for both the problems and the image sheet.

What teachers say about my Doodle & Color by Number activities:

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This was difficult for my accelerated students! I loved it and so did they! They found trying to doodle the drawing and win ‘the best doodler’ fun. Students were engaged with the math, but also with their creativity.” - Kay Y.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I loved that this activity had different levels. I used the 2 different levels with as an on-grade level support and a below-grade level support.” – Cristin B.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This was a great review for my 6th graders. This helped to keep them engaged while I worked with small groups.” – Ashley B.

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