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[Fall] Factoring Trinomials (with a=1)

Your students will have a blast factoring trinomials with this is a print-and-go doodle math activity. It's great as a review lesson or even an emergency sub plan. And if your students liked color by number or color by code activities, they'll LOVE this!

  • ExpressionsTopics like evaluating, simplifying, and interpreting
  • 8th GradeAligned to Common Core State Standards
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Why you'll love this

This math-meets-art activity is structured as two consecutive levels, with 24 questions (11 pages) in total. Answer key is included.

  1. Level 1: Factoring Trinomials (where a=1, c= positive)

  2. Level 2: Factoring Trinomials (where a=1, c= negative)

How does it work?

Every Doodle Math activity is a zero prep, print-and-go time-saver:

  1. Print out the worksheet. It has a series of math problems to solve, and space for students to show their work.

  2. Students solve the problems. Each answer unlocks a pattern, which students can doodle onto a template image. After doodling in the pattern, students can choose to color in the sections or leave it black and white.

  3. Turn math into a masterpiece. The completed image will match the answer key once all of their answers are correct – and it's easy to spot-check from a distance.

The completed image will look best when students use markers in their choice of colors but can be completed with pencil or pen in a pinch! Students can complete the activity using the black and white versions or colored versions (if color pencils are available!).

What’s included?

  • 4 problem pages

  • 1 images with designated sections for doodling

  • answer key pages (included for easy grading)

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