Ratios and Rates Real-Life Math Project | Farming Math


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Why you'll love this

Try Farming Math. It's a real-world application of ratios and rates, including unit rates. Students play the role of a summer intern at a farm, and use their math skills to plant and harvest vegetables (ratios), make sales in a farmer's market (rates), and cook vegetable soups using different recipes (ratios and more advanced conversions).

It's print-and-go — everything you need is included, including answer keys!

What are the tasks?

  • Task 1: Plant and Harvest Vegetables (ratios)

  • Task 2: Sell Vegetables and Calculate Revenue (rates)

  • Task 3: Plan out new farm and vegetable recipes (ratios, more advanced conversions).

What’s included?

There's 15 pages in total:

  • 1 Scenario Page

  • 8 Task Pages

  • 6 Answer Key Pages

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