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Arcade Math: Plotting & Reading Graphs

Are your students wannabe business managers? Do they love games? Have them manage Frankie's Arcade, and practice plotting, reading graphs, and engaging in data analysis!

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Why you'll love this

This is a great supplement activity for the 6th grade statistics curriculum reviewing how to create and analyze frequency tables, dot plots, histograms, and bar graphs.

In this print-and-go activity, students complete four tasks to decide how to expand the arcade with new games, understand customer demographics and spend patterns, and select an optimal promotion schedule. It's a blast  – and puts frequency tables, dot plots, histograms and bar graphs into real world context.

What's included?

Your purchase includes a print-and-go PDF, with four tasks:

  • Task 1: Frequency Table of Game Popularity

    • Objective: Decide what games to purchase

    • Skills: Construct and analyze frequency tables

  • Task 2: Dot Plot of Ages of Customers

    • Objective: Understand customer demographics

    • Skills: Construct and analyze dot plots, distributions, measure of center (mean, median, mode, and range)

  • Task 3: Histogram of Money Spending Patterns

    • Objective: Understand typical customer spend during visits

    • Skills: Construct and analyze histograms

  • Task 4: Bar Graph for Scheduling Promotions

    • Objective: Decide the best days to run promotions

    • Skills: Construct and analyze bar graphs

All in all, it contains 10 pages:

  • 1 scenario page

  • 1 customer data page

  • 4 task pages

  • 4 answer key pages

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