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Are your students wannabe business managers? Do they love games? Have them manage Frankie's Arcade, and practice plotting, reading graphs, and engaging in data analysis!

Why you'll love this

This is a great supplement activity for the 6th grade statistics curriculum reviewing how to create and analyze frequency tables, dot plots, histograms, and bar graphs.

In this print-and-go activity, students complete four tasks to decide how to expand the arcade with new games, understand customer demographics and spend patterns, and select an optimal promotion schedule. It's a blast  – and puts frequency tables, dot plots, histograms and bar graphs into real world context.

What's included?

Your purchase includes a print-and-go PDF, with four tasks:

  • Task 1: Frequency Table of Game Popularity

    • Objective: Decide what games to purchase

    • Skills: Construct and analyze frequency tables

  • Task 2: Dot Plot of Ages of Customers

    • Objective: Understand customer demographics

    • Skills: Construct and analyze dot plots, distributions, measure of center (mean, median, mode, and range)

  • Task 3: Histogram of Money Spending Patterns

    • Objective: Understand typical customer spend during visits

    • Skills: Construct and analyze histograms

  • Task 4: Bar Graph for Scheduling Promotions

    • Objective: Decide the best days to run promotions

    • Skills: Construct and analyze bar graphs

All in all, it contains 10 pages:

  • 1 scenario page

  • 1 customer data page

  • 4 task pages

  • 4 answer key pages

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