Pixel Art

Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Engage your students with this gamified version of pixel art as they practice calculating mean, median, mode, range!

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Why you'll love this

Students are given two separate Minecraft-themed missions that require solving 36 problems on mean, median, mode, range. When students type the correct answer, a Minecraft-inspired character moves through the level. It's entirely self-checking and digital, and can easily be assigned through Google Classroom or any online learning platform.

No prep is required. It's a resource for virtual or in person learning!

What’s included?

There's 2 pixel art Google Sheets, with 36 questions total, along with PDF answer keys for reference:

  • Google Sheet 1: Mean, Median, Mode, Range — Whole Number Solutions (Mission: Cross the lava pit)

  • Google Sheet 2: Mean, Median, Mode, Range — Decimals and Rounding Required (Mission: Collect diamonds)

Each of the levels focused on a different math skill. You can assign the levels separately or both at once depending on your preferences.

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