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Have a blast adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing rational numbers in this Doodle Math bundle! Students will practice operations with fractions, decimal, and integers. If your students liked color by number or color by code activities, they'll LOVE this!

Why you'll love this

What's included?

This bundle includes 4 print-and-go doodle math activities (86 pages total!) at a great value!

1) Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers (15 pages)

2) Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers (15 pages)

3) Decimal Operations Holiday Pack (39 pages)

4) Adding and Subtracting Integers using Models - chips and number line (17 pages)

Product #1 and 2 are great for differentiation, as each of the two topic above includes two problem sets (one novice level and one challenging levels) that matches to the same image. You can assign some students the novice levels and others the challenging levels and their image will end up the same. Product #3 is great for different holidays since 6 images are provided - Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Earth Day, Father's Day. Each problem sets can be matched with any of the 6 holiday images! Product #4 is great for modeling as it contains multiple representations of integers (modeling using chips and number line) with multiple levels of levels within one problem set and doodle image. Product #4 even includes a bonus doodle notes.

Doodle math is entirely self-contained and zero prep, perfect as a back to school review lesson, homeschool activity, or emergency sub plan.

How does Doodle Math work?

Every Doodle Math activity is a print-and-go time-saver:

  1. Print out the worksheet. It has a series of math problems to solve, and space for students to show their work.

  2. Students solve the problems. Each answer unlocks a pattern, which students can doodle onto a template image.

  3. Turn math into a masterpiece. The completed image will match the answer key once all of their answers are correct – and it's easy to spot-check from a distance.

The completed image will look best when students use markers in their choice of colors but can be completed with pencil or pen in a pinch!

There’s a variety of uses – from a timesaver on a stressful day, to a print-and-go emergency sub plan. Other usages include independent practice, sub plans, test prep, skills review, morning work, quick checks, homework, exit tickets, and choice activity.

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