October 23rd, 2022

4 Fun Halloween Math Activities for 6th Grade

My favorite ways to celebrate Halloween in class with 6th graders

Wondering how to engage your 6th grade math students this Halloween? Here’s four of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween in math class, including applied math projects, math-meets-art activities — and a free school-wide trick-or-treating that you can throw together in just a few hours.

1. Trick-or-Treating at School

This is a great activity for your students to do on Halloween day, or the Friday before. It's a great incentive for the class (i.e. if you all finish this activity you can trick-or-treat) or a fun way to build culture through a school-wide event.

To do this, team up with a few other teachers to give out candy to students while trick-or-treating. Print out a stamp card for your students, with notes on which teachers they can go to, and send them on their way to the other teachers. Teachers can stamp or sign the cards as they give out candy to students.

I've made a free trick-or-treating stamp card for you to use, with instructions on how to run your school-wide trick-or-treat and stamp cards designed for 3, 4, 5, or 6 classrooms:

Get your free stamp card now:

Trick-or-Treat Candy Stamp Card

2. Stop a Zombie Invasion

Looking for a fun way to practice graphing and coordinate planes with your students? Try this exciting, print-and-go activity, students help the CDC stop an outbreak of a zombie virus by plotting outbreak locations, analyzing where to place a laboratory and hospital, and computing the distance between infected individuals.

The Zombie Outbreak: Coordinate Graphing & Distance

3. Get Artistic with Doodle Math

Doodle Math is a great way to get your students’ creative juices flowing, as well as practicing their math skills.

It’s a fresh twist on color-by-number or color-by-code, with more creative freedom on the resulting image. Simply print out a Doodle Math worksheet relevant to the topic that you’re covering in class. Your students will solve problems and unlock doodle patterns that they can doodle in the color of their choice.

Here’s a few that are perfect for 6th grade:

[Fall] Add and Subtract Decimals
[Thanksgiving] Multiplying Decimals
[Fall] Order of Operations

You can find more in my Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving section.

4. Try Google Sheets Pixel Art

This activity is a fun way to help students practice independently while they create a spooky masterpiece.

You can copy a Google Sheet for each of your students and have them copy it. Students solve the problems and incrementally unlock a Halloween-themed picture. It’s great because it auto-grades, so students get instant feedback on what problems they’re getting right and wrong, so that they can improve.

I’ve made a few that you can use right away:

[Fall Autumn] Ratios and Unit Rates BUNDLE
[Thanksgiving] Percents BUNDLE: Percent, Simple Interest
Fall Thanksgiving Area and Perimeter of Trapezoids, Parallelograms
[Fall Thanksgiving] One Step Equations Positive Solutions
[Thanksgiving] Evaluate Expressions Pixel Art BUNDLE

You can find more in my Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving section.

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