November 1st, 2022

Why I Love Google Sheets Pixel Art for Math Class

Give students rapid feedback, save time, and differentiate more effectively

With the pivot to distance learning, it felt like we lost some of the creative activities that we could do with pen-and-paper. It’s so easy to type on a laptop, but so hard to draw pictures and doodle like we could before the pandemic.

That’s why I love Google Sheets Pixel Art for math class.

It’s a way to bring some of that creativity back into the classroom, while leveraging the strengths of Google Classroom to provide students feedback on problems that they’re solving in math class. And it’s easy for students to use independently: in distance learning, as homework, while differentiating, or as a sub plan.

It’s an excellent all-around activity for any math class.

What is Google Sheets Pixel Art?

With Google Sheets Pixel Art, students solve a series of math problems, and the the solutions are auto-graded. With each correct answer, students incrementally unlock a mystery picture:

Why use Google Sheets Pixel Art?

Here are just a few reasons why I think Google Sheets Pixel Art is a great addition to any math class:

1. It’s creative. Pixel Art is a great way to incorporate creativity into the math classroom. It’s a way to bring some of the fun and creativity of computer and video games into math class.

2. It’s easy to use. Pixel Art is turnkey. Students can start solving problems and unlocking the picture with very little instruction. This makes it ideal for review days or sub plans.

3. It’s easy to differentiate. The auto-grading frees up you attention as a teacher, enabling you to assign multiple difficulty levels of Pixel Art to different students, or giving you time to pull students as needed for small-group instruction.

How do you make Google Sheets Pixel Art?

Under the hood, Google Sheets Pixel Art uses conditional formatting rules — if a solution is a certain value, it changes the color of a certain cell to a particular color.

Where can I get Google Sheets Pixel Art for my math class?

And there’s no need to spend hours fiddling with conditional formatting rules!

I’ve pre-made dozens of Google Sheets Pixel Art activities that you can use right away in your classroom. Each activity can be set up in minutes, comes out looking great, and has the content you need aligned to Common Core State Standards.

Even better, I make them with different themes that you can use any time of year.

Fall Pixel Art Activities

For back to school, consider these autumn themed Pixel Art lessons:

[Fall] Ratios & Rates: Tables & Word Problems
[Fall] Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

Find more in my Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving section.

Halloween Pixel Art Activities

I've made spooky images perfect for Halloween:

[Fall Thanksgiving] Multi Step Equations
[Fall] Perfect Square and Square Root Equations

Find more in my Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving section.

Thanksgiving Pixel Art Activities

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like pie and a harvest basket, and I've made Pixel Art themed like that, too:

[Thanksgiving] Constant of Proportionality
[Thanksgiving & Fall] Similar Figures Map Scale Drawings

Find more in my Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving section.

Winter Pixel Art Activities

As the holidays approach, there's Pixel Art for that:

[Christmas] Simple Interest Principal Rate, Percent
[Christmas] Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal

Find more in the Winter-Christmas section of my website.

Pixel Art Bundles

You can save money with my pixel art bundles:

[Thanksgiving & Fall] 6th Grade Pixel Art BUNDLE
[Thanksgiving & Fall] 7th Grade Pixel Art BUNDLE
[Thanksgiving & Fall] 6th - 8th Grade Pixel Art BUNDLE

Find more money-saving bundles in my Google Sheets Pixel Art section.

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Happy teaching!

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