5 Fun Scale Drawings and Scale Factors Activities

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I love teaching scale drawing and scale factors in 7th grade math!

Picture this: a group of your 7th graders gathered around a table, their eyes sparkling with curiosity. As you dive into creating characters from their favorite video game using scale drawings, their excitement reaches new heights!

Knowing that they could bring one of their favorite games to life at the end of the lesson, they start to pay attention to the instructions and even ask clarifying questions.

Your job is halfway done at that point.

In this blog post, I will share the best 5 fun activities to teach scale drawing and scale factors…yes, including a project themed after Minecraft, a video game popular with my 7th graders! They all cover the CCSS standards 7.G.A.1.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

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1. Scale Drawings & Scale Factors Guided Notes

What is it?

If you’re looking for a no prep, print-and-go resource to teach students to find scale factors, set up proportions in scale drawings, and map scales, these guided notes are perfect!

This all-inclusive lesson includes guided notes with visuals, step-by-step instructions, practice activities, and real-life applications. This 10-page resource provides sketch notes on scale drawings of geometry figures (similar triangles and polygons, anyone?), practice sheets to compute lengths of scale drawings, color by number activities, a thrilling maze, and a section dedicated to real-life math applications of scale factors and map scales in GPS systems.

And best of all I have a lesson plan that you can use to teach this, with ideas on how to use it in your classroom.

Why do I love this?

I love these notes because they are visual, filled with doodles and colors that make note-taking fun! I love their sections for introducing the lesson, practice, and real-life applications.

They work well as graphic organizers, scaffolded notes, and interactive notebooks. And it's artsy—if your students love color by number, color by code, or sketch notes, they'll love these lessons.

2. Scale Factors & Map Scales Digital Pixel Art for Google Sheets

What is it?

With this digital math activity, students practice solving problems with similar figures, map scales, scale drawings, and models. Contains 2 pixel art Google Sheets with 21 questions total. Level 1 will have them finding missing lengths using scale factors in similar figures, while Level 2 will challenge them to solve scale drawings and models using map scales.

Why do I love this?

I've always loved digital pixel art in my classroom, and especially can't get enough of these pixel art Google Sheets because they are self checking! It frees me up to move around the classroom helping different students while having the rest engaged. Students are motivated because pixels are unlocked every time they type in a correct answer.

They're visually stunning, engaging, and oh-so-fun! Plus, it's a fantastic way to reinforce key concepts and make math come alive. Get ready for some serious "aha" moments!

3. Scale Drawings Unofficial Minecraft Project

What is it?

In this printable PDF applied math project, students draw out and color in their favorite Minecraft characters while calculating the scale factor of different images. The product includes instructions, images, and grids to draw out three characters from the game, including Steve, Alex, and Creeper.

Not familiar with Minecraft? Check out my post that covers what it is, why it's so exciting for students, and how to teach with it in your classroom.

Why do I love this?

I love this project because students love this! Minecraft is a very popular video game that automatically puts students into engagement and focus mode. The finished product of the scale drawings is also the perfect bulletin board decorations.


4. Scale Drawings & Similar Figures PDF Worksheets

What is it?

These printable PDF worksheets take scale drawings, map scales, and computing lengths and area to a whole new level of fun!

Each time your students answer a question correctly in this Doodle Math activity, they'll get to unlock a mystery doodle pattern that they can use to complete an image using the colors of their choice. It's a great way to keep your students engaged and motivated, and the finished images make for cool classroom decorations.

They're a fun and unique twist on classic color by number activities.

This activity includes three levels with 18 questions total covering scale drawings & similar figures. Each correct answer unlocks doodle patterns to complete a mystery image (in this case, a hat). It's perfectly themed for winter, or any time of year really.

Why do I love this?

Doodling + Math = Pure FUN! This activity is a game-changer when it comes to engaging students. Just listen to what one teacher had to say about Doodle Math:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This was difficult for my accelerated students! I loved it and so did they! They found trying to doodle the drawing and win ‘the best doodler’ fun. Students were engaged with the math, but also with their creativity.” - Kay Y.

5. Scale Drawings Blooket

What is it?

Blooket is a trivia and review game. A teacher, known as the host, picks a question set and a unique game mode. Then, students will answer questions to help them win. Here is a Blooket practice set for scale drawings or you can search or create your own.

Why do I love this?

I love the variety of game modes. Some periods benefit from playing the game in groups (called Blook Rush) while other class periods enjoy one of the different independent game modes like Cafe, Factory, etc.

Save Money on Scale Drawings Activities

And there you have it, my math-loving friends – the top 5 activities that will blow your students' minds when it comes to scale drawings, scale factors, and similar figures.

I hope you found at least one activity that will rock your math world! Happy teaching!

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