Unit 4: Functions


Ever wondered how to teach functions, slope, and rate of change in an engaging way to your 8th-grade students?

In this unit plan, students will first learn about identifying and evaluating functions. Later on, they will build on this to learn about calculating slope from coordinate planes and graphing proportional relationships.

Each lesson helps students master the unit through artistic, interactive guided notes, check for understanding, and culminates with a real-life example that explores how functions, slope, and rate of change apply to everyday situations.

It's an exciting way to teach functions, slope, and rate of change while comprehensively meeting standards.

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Identify, Evaluate, Compare Functions Slope Guided Notes Unit Bundle | 8th Grade

Identify, Evaluate, Compare Functions Slope Guided Notes Unit Bundle | 8th Grade

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Learning Objectives

After this unit, students will be able to:

  • Identify functions from various representations including tables, graphs, mapping diagrams, and set notations.

  • Evaluate functions by substituting values for variables and solving for the output.

  • Calculate slope using the principles of similar triangles.

  • Represent proportional relationships with graphs and equations.

  • Interpret points on a graph of a proportional relationship in terms of the situation they represent.

  • Calculate the constant of proportionality in a proportional relationship.

  • Determine the unit rate in a proportional relationship.

  • Differentiate between linear and nonlinear functions.

  • Compare different functions using tables, graphs, and equations.

  • Analyze characteristics of functions such as rate of change and initial values.


Before this unit, students should be familiar with:

  • Understanding of coordinate planes and how to plot points

  • Knowledge of how to calculate the slope of a line

  • Understanding of the concepts of proportional relationships and unit rates

  • Familiarity with linear equations and graphing linear functions


Key Vocabulary

  • Functions

  • Slope

  • Proportional Relationships

  • Linear Functions

  • Nonlinear Functions

  • Rate of Change

  • Constant of Proportionality

  • Unit Rate

Lesson Map


Functions, Slope & Rate of Change Pixel Art Unit BUNDLE | 8th Grade CCSS

Functions, Slope & Rate of Change Pixel Art Unit BUNDLE | 8th Grade CCSS


Students practice functions including identifying whether a relation is a function, linear vs. nonlinear functions, calculate slope & y-intercept, graphing functions, constructing functions, and comparing functions in this 8th Grade CCSS Functions Pixel Art Unit Bundle. It contains 6 products with 15 pixel art activities total.

These self-checking Google Sheets give students instant feedback. Incorrect answers are highlighted in red, and correct answers turn green and unlock parts of a mystery picture. They’re easy to assign, keep students engaged, and free up your time for differentiation and more.

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