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Coordinate Planes: Quadrants, Distance, Area, Volume

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Welcome to The Lost Treasure Chests! In this Minecraft-inspired, multi-standard coordinate plane activity, students become treasure hunters tasked with completing missions from the ancient scroll. They will graph ordered pairs on coordinate plane to find treasure chests, find distance between points to plan out best paths, calculate area of the polygons (triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids) to map out nine different biomes from the Minecraft world, and then calculate volume of rectangular prisms to construct their bases.

It will perfectly wrap up your geometry unit for 6th grade!

With detailed task explanations, examples, teacher instructions, and an answer key included, this activity can be used in a variety of ways — end of unit review activity, project, summative assessment, or even as a sub plan!

What are the tasks?


✔ Task 1: Map Out the Different Biomes (math: plotting coordinates, identifying 2D shapes including parallelograms, rectangles, trapezoids, triangles)

  • Task 2: Travel Across Biomes in Exploration (math: identify quadrants, area of different shapes, distance between points)

  • Task 3: Build Bases at Biomes to Extract Treasure (math: volume of rectangular prisms)

What's included?

  • Instruction sheet

  • Scenario sheet

  • 3 tasks sheets

  • Graphing sheet

  • Answer key

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Each purchased license is for use in a single classroom. If you’d like to share with other teachers, please buy additional licenses. Thanks!

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