Fractions, Decimals, Percents Real-Life Math Project


Looking for a real world application of percents, decimals, and fractions? Do your students love simulation games? This activity has students play the role of a hotel manager, and use their math skills to book hotel rooms, lease restaurant spaces and improve employee satisfaction. Three formats are available in PDF, Google Form, EASEL.

Why you'll love this

What’s Included (17 pages)

Your purchase includes three formats of the same activity:

  • Google Form. Assign online. Auto-grades for you!

  • Print PDF. Print and manually grade.

  • EASEL. Assign online and manually grade

They all contain the same tasks and questions:

  • Task 1: Hotel Rooms (Percents). Students will be asked to find things like 25% of 50, etc.

  • Task 2: Lease Restaurant Space (Decimals). Students will be asked to do basic operations with decimals.

  • Task 3: Survey Employee Satisfaction (Fractions). Students will be asked to solve for things like 2/5 of 50, etc.

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