Independent and Dependent Probability | Doodle Math: Twist on Color by Number


Looking to make independent and dependent probability exciting for your seventh graders? This printable Doodle & Color by Number activity has you covered with 18 fun questions at three levels, all aligned with CCSS 7.SP.C.6 and 7.SP.C.7.a. Your students will classify events as independent or dependent, calculate probabilities of both types of events. As they solve math probelms, they unlock doodle patterns that results in a beautiful floral image, perfect for Mother’s Day or any time of the year. It's an engaging way practice probability and statistics combining math and art!

Why you'll love this

Make probability and statistics review and practice a blast with this print-and-go Doodle Math activity. Includes three levels with 18 questions total to practice independent and dependent probability, including classifying events as independent or dependent, and calculating the probability of each. Each correct answer unlocks doodle patterns to complete flowery images perfect for Mother’s Day or any time in spring. If your students love color by number or color by code, they’ll love Doodle Math!


✅ Level 1: Classify independent and dependent events - "Are these independent or dependent events? You toss a coin and then roll a die. What is the probability of getting heads and 5?" (1 page, 6 questions)

✅ Level 2: Probability of independent events - "You roll two number cubes. What is the probability of getting a 3 on both cubes?" (1 page, 6 questions)

✅ Level 3: Probability of dependent events - "You pick a card and do not replace it. Then, you pick a second card. P(A, then T) = ?" Students determine the results from looking at images of cards. (1 page, 6 questions)

✅ 2 flower-themed image sheets with designated sections for doodling. (2 pages)

✅ Answer key. (4 pages) 

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⭐ Back-to-School, Spiral Review Lessons

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⭐ Homeschool Activities

⭐ Homework & Independent Practice

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Reviews for Doodle Math products…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karen S. - “Just a good fun activity during the holidays for practicing skills! Great product!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐️ Christine M. - “I put this out as an extra credit assignment for my 8th graders at the end of the square and cube roots unit. The students who chose to do it seemed to enjoy the "doodle" part because it was different than a typical color by number task. Thank you!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carly S. - “My students really loved this and it worked really well in my classroom!”

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