Integer Operations Digital Pixel Art BUNDLE | Minecraft

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Looking to connect with your kids over their favorite video game? Want hands-on activities for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers that are no prep, self checking, and engaging?

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What’s included?

This is a bundle of 2 products containing 5 pixel art Google Sheets (140 questions total!), along with a PDF answer key for reference.

Product #1: Adding and Subtracting Integers:

  • Google Sheet 1: Adding Integers (Mission: Help Steve cross the lava pit!)

  • Google Sheet 2: Subtracting Integers (Mission: Collect diamonds)

  • Google Sheet 3: Mixed Adding and Subtracting Integers (Mission: Battle the creepers in the lava pit)

Product #2: Multiplying and Dividing Integers:

  • Google Sheet 4: Multiplying Integers (Image: Steve and Alex in the plains)

  • Google Sheet 5: Dividing Integers (Image: Zombie on fire)

You can assign each pixel art activity for 5 separate days, group them by topics, or just pick and choose specific pixel art depending on the needs of your students.

Your students will love this bundle of pixel art activities inspired by Minecraft!

Each activity is in Google Sheets. When students type a correct answer, a Minecraft-themed mystery picture appears, or a Minecraft-inspired character moves through a level. Students get instant feedback. It's entirely self-checking and digital, and can easily be assigned through Google Classroom or any online learning platform. This is a great resource for in-person as well as a virtual activity.

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