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This is the ultimate bundle to practice mean, median, mode, and range using these 3 fun and self checking activities!

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  1. Mean, Median, Mode Range Pixel Art (Self Checking Google Sheets)

  • Two levels included: Minecraft themed Pixel Art. Students type in correct solutions on the Google Sheets to see pixels emerge of Minecraft characters crossing the lava pit.

    • Level 1: Mean, Median, Mode, Range — Whole Number Solutions

    • Level 2: Mean, Median, Mode, Range — Decimal Solutions

  1. Mean, Median, Mode, Range Doodle Math (Math Meets Art, a twist on 'color by numbers' activities)

  • Level 1: Mean Median Mode: Whole # solutions

  • Level 2: Mean Median Mode Range: Decimal solutions

  • Level 3: Find Missing Value in the Data Set: Whole # & decimal solutions

  1. Mean, Median, Mode Range Domino Effect - Math Game! (Math Game Groups of 3-4)

  • collaborative game where groups of 3 - 4 students work together to find the solution to the current problem — which reveals the next problem.

  • Two levels included:

    • Level 1: calculating mean, median, mode, or range when given a set of whole numbers

    • Level 2: finding the missing value in data set when given mean, median, mode, and range

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There are many ways you can use this bundle, including: independent practice, sub plans, test prep, skills review, morning work, quick checks, homework, exit tickets, small group, and choice activity.

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