Evaluating Expressions Chain Activity | Order of Operations, PEMDAS


Looking for a fun way to practice using order of operations/PEMDAS to simplify expressions? You've found it.

Why you'll love this

Chain Reaction is a zero-prep activity where students work to find the solution to the current problem — which reveals the next problem on the chain. Students continue solving all the problems to reach the end of the chain. A small self check is built in per level — if their math is correct, the ending number should match their last solution.

This activity includes four difficulty levels so that you can differentiate students, or play back-to-back to practice. None of the questions overlap.

What's included?

There's 8 pages included:

  • 4 levels (4 pages) of evaluating expressions using order of operations.

    • Level 1: Positive integers only (9 problems)

    • Level 2: Positive and negative integers (9 problems)

    • Level 3: Positive Decimals (9 problems)

    • Level 4: Positive Decimals - longer (4 longer problems)

  • answer key (4 pages)

Note: all four levels include exponents!

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