Slope & Rate of Change Activity BUNDLE | 8th Grade Math

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Looking for a way to make your slope & rate of change unit memorable, hands-on, and engaging for your 8th graders? Want to save money?

Why you'll love this

Here you go! Each lesson is self-contained, and requires zero prep — just print and go.

What's included?

This bundle includes 3 activities aligned to the 8th grade slope & rate of change standards, along with an exciting BONUS 8th grade activity.

Math Missions

  • Hiking Math: Slope and Rate of Change. Students play the role of a mountaineer, and apply their math skills to map out elevations, sort travelers into different groups, and analyze a hike. Includes Easel, PDF, and autograded Google Form.

  • Slope Sketches: Finding Slope of Lines. Students analyze the slope found in a Minecraft-inspired drawing: classifying slope, selecting ordered pairs, and computing slope values. Then, they make their own drawing and analyze slope!

Doodle Math

  • Finding Slope: Ordered Pairs, Tables, Graphs. Perfect for a review lesson ahead of an exam, students find slope with ordered pairs, tables, and in graphs—and use their answers to doodle in a beautiful picture of a lake.

  • BONUS: Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal. Students solve 3 levels of angle puzzles involving parallel lines cut by a transversal and the triangle sum theorem, and use their answers to fill in a picture of a flower.

What is Doodle Math?

Every Doodle Math activity is a print-and-go time-saver:

  1. Print out the worksheet. It has a series of math problems to solve, and space for students to show their work.

  2. Students solve the problems. Each answer unlocks a pattern, which students can doodle onto a template image.

  3. Turn math into a masterpiece. The completed image will match the answer key once all of their answers are correct – and it's easy to spot-check from a distance.

The completed image will look best when students use markers in their choice of colors but can be completed with pencil or pen in a pinch!

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