Slope and Rate of Change Real-Life Math Project | Hiking Math


Looking for a real world application of slope and rate of change? This activity has students play the role of a mountaineer, and use their math skills to map out elevation change, sort travelers based on hiking speed, and analyze a hike. Best of all, it's available in both print and digital, so you can flexibly use it in your classroom.

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Your purchase includes three formats of the same activity:

  • Google Form. Assign online. Auto-grades for you!

  • Print PDF. Print and manually grade.

  • EASEL. Assign online and manually grade

They all contain the same scenarios and questions:

  • Scenario 1: Map out Elevations (calculate rate of change). Students will be asked to find solve for rate of elevation change when you hike from 120ft to 450ft in duration of 3 miles.

  • Scenario 2: Sort Travelers into Different Groups (calculate and compare rate of change). Students will be asked to calculate average speed of hike and then sort travelers based on their speed.

  • Scenario 3: Analyze Gabriel’s Hike (match graphs to scenarios). Students will be given a slope graph and asked to calculate slope from a graph to match segments of the graph to a hiking scenario.

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