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Which Job Offer Should I Take? (Level 1)

In this print-and-go unit rate project, students explore the real-life application of math for job offers, by helping Mike Mason pick his summer job!

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Why you'll love this

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NOTE: This is a more introductory version of: Level 2: Which Job Offer Should I Take? — Unit Rate Real World Math Project.

How can I use it?

Here's one way you can use it in your classroom:

  1. Introduce students to Mike. Use the scenario page to introduce students to Mike Mason, a high school student who received 3 summer employment offers from different companies with different salary options.

  2. Work alone or together, print or digital. Then, give students the offer letters from all 3 companies. Students can work in groups or individually to apply unit rate to solve the big question of which offer Mike should take to earn enough money to afford a mountain bike.

  3. Check the answers. You can walk through the answers with students, or pass out a copy of the included answer key for students to check!

What's included?

  • 1 instruction page

  • 4 scenario pages (goals + job offers)

  • 2 problem pages

  • 2 answer key pages

  • 1 cover page

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