Unit Rate Real-Life Math Project (Part 2) | Summer Job Offer Math


In this print-and-go, EASEL-compatible unit rate projects, students help Cindy, a high school student who received 6 summer jobs with with different salary options and schedules!

Why you'll love this

Everything you need is included, and requires minimal prep!

NOTE: This is a more advanced version of Level 1: Which Job Offer Should I Take?

How can I use it?

Here's one way you could use it in your classroom:

  1. Play the introductory video. Our animated video sets the stage, introducing students to Cindy, and explaining the urgency of her situation.

  2. Work alone or together, in print or digital. Students apply unit rate to help evaluate which job offer will help Cindy achieve her goals of getting an iPhone 12 and saving up money in her checking account.

  3. Check the answers. You can walk through the answers with students, or pass out a copy of the included answer key for students to check!

What's included?

  • 1 short animated video

  • 2 scenario pages (goals + job offers)

  • 2 problem pages

  • 2 answer key pages

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