[Free] Percents Real-Life Math Project | Percent Change, Tips | Airline Intern



Looking for a real world application of percentages, percent change, markups/markdowns, and tips? Do your students love simulation games?

Why you'll love this

Your students will love this activity, where they play the role of an airline intern, and use their math skills to complete open-ended tasks around percent markups and markdowns, the percent of a number, and tips.

It's print-and-go, and is perfect wrap-up for a unit, as a review before a test or a quiz, or as a self-contained sub plan.

What's the math?There's 5 tasks in total:

  • Task 1: Calculate Ticket Prices (Percent Markups and Markdowns). Students will be asked to find new flight ticket prices after a percentage of markups or markdowns.

  • Task 2: Arranging Seat Upgrades (Percent of a Number). Students will be asked to find additional cost when passengers request to upgrade to business or first class.

  • Task 3: Inflight Entertainment Services (Percent of a Number). Students will be asked to solve additional cost of purchasing wifi packages or stream movies during the flight.a

  • Task 4: Airport Restaurants (Tips). Students will be asked to calculate amount of tips left by different tables.

  • Task 5: Filling Baggage Claims (Percent of a Number). Students will be ask to airline reimbursements for passenger claims of baggage that were lost, damaged, or delayed.

What's included?

This 19-page activity is zero prep, print and go.

  • Problem Sheets (10 pages)

  • Answer Key (9 pages)

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